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Monthly Popular Science Magazine
Scientific European Vol. 2 no.2 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2019

Automated Virtual Reality (VR) Treatments for Mental Health Disorders

Study shows effectiveness of an automated virtual reality treatment to psychologically intervene in reducing a person’s fear of heights


Does Regular Breakfast Eating Really Help Reduce Body Weight?

A review of previous trials shows that eating or skipping breakfast may not have any impact on a person’s health


Delivering Oral Dose of Insulin to Patients of Type 1 Diabetes: Trial successful in Pigs

A new pill has been designed which delivers insulin into the bloodstream easily and pain-free, in pigs for now


E-Cigarettes Twice More Effective in Helping Smokers to Quit Smoking

Study shows the e-cigarettes are twice more effective than nicotine-replacement therapy in helping smokers to quit smoking.


A Unique Textile Fabric with Self-Adjusting Heat Emissivity

The first temperature-sensitive textile has been created which can regulate our body’s heat exchange with the environment


Influence of Gut Bacteria on Depression and Mental Health

Scientists have identified several groups of bacteria which varied along with depression and quality of life in humans


Vital Sign Alert (VSA) Device: A Novel Device for Use in Pregnancy

A novel vital signs measurement device is ideal for low resource settings for timely intervention of illnesses during pregnancy


Carbon Capture Based on Crystallization of Bicarbonate-water Clusters: A Promising Approach to Control Global Warming

A new carbon capture method has been devised to capture carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel emissionss


Resolving Painful Neuropathy Through the Clearance of Partially Damaged Nerves

Scientists have found a new way in mice to get relief from the chronic neuropathic pain

Scientific European® (SCIEU®) - Disseminating Advances in Science to General Readers

Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
Disseminating Advances in Science
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