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Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Scientific European Vol. 1 no.6 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 6 June 2018

Two Isomeric Forms Of Everyday Water Show Different Reaction Rates

Researchers have investigated for the first time how two different forms known of water behave differently when undergoing chemical reactions

JUNE 2018

artificial eye

First Artificial Cornea

Scientists have for the very first time bioengineered a human cornea using 3D printing technique which can be a boost for corneal transplants.

JUNE 2018

fight against breast cancer

Novel Cure For Breast Cancer

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a woman with advanced breast cancer spread in her body showed complete regression of the disease by harnessing the power of her own immune system to fight cancer

JUNE 2018

prosthetic hand

Artificial Sensory Nerve System: A Boon For Prosthetics

Researchers have developed an artificial sensory nerve system which can process information similar to the human body and it could effectively give sense of touch to prosthetic limbs

JUNE 2018

renewable energy

Cost Effective Way To Convert Plants Into Renewable Source Of Energy

Scientists have shown a new technology in which bioengineered bacteria can make cost-effective chemicals/polymers from renewable plant sources

JUNE 2018

Carbon dioxide

Direct Capture Of Carbon Dioxide From Air: Promising Way To Tackle Carbon Footprint And Fuel Generation

Study had shown a scalable and affordable solution of directly capturing carbon dioxide from air and tackling carbon footprint

JUNE 2018

anti ageing abstract

Smoothening The Wrinkles ‘Inside’ Our Cells: Step Ahead For Anti-Ageing

A new breakthrough study has shown how we could restore our cell’s functionality and tackle the unwanted effects of ageing

JUNE 2018

adverse effects of medicine

A Way Forward In Developing Medicines With Fewer Unwanted Side Effects

Studying the Neanderthal brain can reveal genetic modifications which caused Neanderthals to face extinction while made us humans as a unique long-surviving species


Scientific European® (SCIEU®) - Disseminating Advances in Science to General Readers

Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
Disseminating Advances in Science
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