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Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Scientific European Vol. 1 no.2 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 2 February 2018

Brain Pacemaker: New Nope..
February 15, 2018

Brain Pacemaker: New Nope For People With Dementia

The brain ‘pacemaker’ for Alzheimer's disease is helping patients to perform daily tasks and take care of themselves more independently than before


Rejuvenation of Old Cells: Making Ageing Easier

A groundbreaking study has discovered anovel way to rejuvenate inactive human senescent cells providing enormous potential for research on ageing and immense scope for improving lifespans
Rejuvenation of Old Cells:..
February 15, 2018


Bionic Eye: Promise of Vision for Patients With Retinal and Optic Nerve Damage

Studies has shown that the “bionic eye” promises to help restore vision to many patients suffering from partial or complete blindness


Immortality: Uploading Human Mind to Computers?!

The ambitious mission of replicating the human brain onto a computer and achieving immortality
Immortality: Uploading Human
February 15, 2018


Drug De Addiction: New Approach to Curb Drug Seeking Behaviour

Breakthrough study shows that cocaine craving can be successfully reduced for effective de-addiction
Drug De Addiction: New..
February 15, 2018


Cloning The Primate: A Step ahead of Dolly The Sheep

In a breakthrough study, first primates have been successfully cloned using the same technique used to clone the first mammal Dolly the sheep


Antibiotic Resistance: An Imperative to Stop Indiscriminate Use and New Hope to Tackle Resistant Bacteria

Recent analyses and studies have generated hope towards protecting mankind from antibiotic resistance which is fast becoming a global threat


Homeopathy: All Dubious Claims Must be Put to Rest

It now a universal voice that homeopathy is ‘scientifically implausible’ and 'ethically unacceptable' and should be 'rejected' by the healthcare sector


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Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
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