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Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Scientific European Vol. 1 no.12 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 12 December 2018

Neutralizing Antibodies Induced by Vaccination can Provide Protection Against HIV Infection

Research shows that neutralizing antibodies which are induced by vaccination can protect animals from HIV infection.


Glucagon Mediated Glucose Production in Liver can Control and Prevent Diabetes

An important marker for diabetes development has been identified


Biological Barriers of Reproduction from Same-Sex Mammals Overcome

Study shows for the firsttime healthy mouse offspring born from same sex parents – in this case mothers


Recently Identified Nerve-Signalling Pathway for Effective Pain Management

Scientists have identified a distinct nerve-signalling pathway which could help to recover from sustained pain after an injury.


Advances in Laser Technology Opens New Vistas for Cleaner Fuel and Energy

Scientists have developed a laser technology which could open avenues for clean fuel and energy technologies in the future.


The Largest Dinosaur Fossil Excavated for the First Time in South Africa

Scientists have excavated the largest dinosaur fossil which would have been the largest terrestrial animal on our planet.


The Smallest Optical Gyroscope

Engineers have built the world’ tiniest light-sensing gyroscope which could be easily integrated into smallest portable modern technology
The Smallest Optical Gyroscope
December 15, 2018


The First Successful Pregnancy and Birth After Womb Transplant from a Deceased Donor

First womb transplant from a deceased donor leads to successful birth of a healthy baby


How Ant Society Actively Reorganizes Itself to Control the Spread of Diseases

A first study has shown how an animal society actively reorganizes itself to reduce the spread of disease


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Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
Disseminating Advances in Science
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