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Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Scientific European Vol. 1 no.10 Archive - Scientific European (SCIEU) - Monthly Popular Science Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 10 October 2018

Imperative for Nutritional Labelling

Study shows on the basis of Nutri-Score developed by UK, a low nutritional diet increases risk of illnesses and a nutrition labelling system must be incorporated to increase consumer awareness


A New Drug that Prevent Malaria Parasites from Infecting Mosquitos

Compounds have been identified which could prevent malaria parasites from infecting mosquitos, thereby stopping the spread of malaria.


Personality Types

Scientists have used an algorithm to plot huge data collected from 1.5 million people to define four distinct personality types
Personality Types
October 15, 2018


A New Drug to Fight Advanced Drug-resistant HIV Infection

Researchers have designed a novel HIV drug which can help fight advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection in patients who have no other treatment options.


Bendable and Foldable Electronic Devices

Engineers have invented a semiconductor made by a thin flexible hybrid material which can be used for displays on electronic devices in the near future.

October 2018

Skin-attachable Loudspeakers and Microphones

A wearable electronic device has been discovered which can attach to one’s body and act as a speaker and microphone


Have We Found the Key for Longevity in Humans?

A crucial protein which is responsible for longevity has been identified for the first time in monkeys


New Exomoon

A pair of astronomers have made the big discovery of an ‘exomoon’ in another solar system
New Exomoon
October 15, 2018


Enhancing Drug Efficiency by Correcting 3D Orientation of Molecules: A Step Forward Towards Novel Medicine

Researchers have discovered a way to be able to design efficient medicines by giving the compound a correct 3D orientation which is important for its biological activity


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Scientific European® (SCIEU®) -
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